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Concealed & Open Carry License Classes

Teaching the proper techniques and care for handling firearms.

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About Us

Dedicated Instructor

  Learning from Jay, you will benefit from the knowledge that he has acquired during his 24 plus years as a Houston Police Officer, an HPD Academy Instructor, Martial Artist Instructor, an Army Major in The Military Police, and an ROTC instructor at the University of Houston. When you complete your class, you should have a full understanding of what you need to know in order to become a Handgun Licensee and more. You will feel more confident in your gun handling skills when taught by an experienced professional.

Best classroom anywhere!

  You will not be sitting in a metal folding chair in a room with no AC while taking our class, nor will you be squeezed in like a sardine and not able to move much. Our classes are limited to small groups, usually, no more than six students per class.  Private classes can also be scheduled. 

Don't be a victim


When the criminals attack, be ready to "ShootBack!" We also say, that "criminals should not be the only ones allowed to have firearms."


CHL/LTC Courses

Special for up coming class only $69.00  for classroom Instruction and test. Also includes shooting portions of test. You will only pay range fee. of $10 or $12 dollars. You will also have to bring your own firearm, or rent one there. More information will be sent to you once you sign up.  Class runs for about 5 hours. We start at 845 AM. This is not a beginner course, for this class you must already know how to safely use a firearm. 

Self-Defense (Know who will attack you)

This class is a must if you are really serious about your personal safety. This 1 hr plus class is packed with vital life saving information. Group, couple, and private  classes.  Sent an email available.  Send an Email request. 

Basic Firearms Course

Students learning how to properly handle and safely shoot a firearm.

Basic Firearm course will refresh old skills you had, or teach you new ones that are essential to passing your CHL/LTC course, and more important, give you the knowledge you need to protect yourself. 

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible. If you call us, please leave a message to ensure it is not a "ROBOT" call. Thanks

Shootback CHL/LTC

Katy, Texas, United States


By appointment only. Once you sign up, you will get all the details of classroom location. No walk ins.