CHL/LTC Courses


Special for up coming class only $69.00  for classroom Instruction and test. Also includes shooting portions of test. You will only pay range fee. of $10 or $12 dollars. You will also have to bring your own firearm, or rent one there. More information will be sent to you once you sign up.  Class runs for about 5 hours. We start at 845 AM. This is not a beginner course, for this class you must already know how to safely use a firearm.

Self-Defense (Know who will attack you)

 This class is a must if you are really serious about your personal safety. This 1 hr plus class is packed with vital life saving information. Group, couple, and private  classes.  Sent an email available.  Send an Email request. 

Basic Firearms Course

 Basic  Firearm course will refresh old skills you had, or teach you new ones  that are essential to passing your CHL/LTC course, and more important,  give you the knowledge you need to protect yourself.